• Bethany Spiby

Contradictions of the cosmos

One thing that I have greatly observed in my time is the mass of contradictions that we are taught in this diverse world. We are always told to be ourselves, but reprimanded when we actually courageously decide to step out of those shadows and use our own individual voice for something we believe in. Then, we are taught that positivity is the key to an abundant life but left lonely and isolated when we try to be happy all the time. We are taught to respect our elders, which creates a resentment within us because the truth is; we are never really respected. We are told to love ourselves and the skin we are in, yet are ridiculed when posting a video with acne, face scarring or without a filter, and declared arrogant and conceited when we actually decide to love ourselves, and downright selfish when we begin to put ourselves first. And in the act of putting ourselves first we are subconsciously penalised by everyone around us for breeding their unbeknown insecurities. We are taught to be free, yet constricted in everything we do. Told to live life through experiences rather than materialism, but then get completely talked out of an adventure because we “haven’t thought about it properly. There could be consequences.” We are told to be happy but then placed in a fucking world that does everything to make us unhappy. We are taught to embrace our youth yet shoved into a society that forces us to be an adult with absolutely zero preparation or skills to do so. We are told to be kind whilst being expected to live in a universal battlefield. We are told to love whilst everyone is truly living in fear. We are taught that money isn’t everything yet to survive on this fucking planet you need a shit tonne of money. We are taught to live our life, yet it seems that no-one truly allows us to do so.

So, what’s my point?

My point is, life is about experience. It’s about joy. It’s about reaching the height of elation, basking in it like the sun melts into the ocean waves, and releasing it to experience another episodic moment in your life. It’s about sadness. Surrendering to your tears and letting them flow, like the leaves depart from the trees and immerse into the ground awaiting a new season. Because sadness is just that. You flowing to the rhythm of life and awaiting what that despair had to teach you, preparing you for the divine dichotomy of happiness. It’s about saying no. Saying no to what doesn’t feel right to you and letting your intuition guide you into what does. It’s about saying yes. Saying yes with no fear, no thoughts to a failed future; no worries about what that word might bring. Just a new experience, a new opportunity, a new reason for laughter. It’s about having some fucking fun. And then not having fun. And then having fun again. And experiencing what the polarity of life feels like. It’s about the process. It isn’t about where your going to end up, because films with only two scenes; a beginning and an end; wouldn’t be worth watching at all. Would it? It’s about the journey, the view, the small tiny little shitty steps. It isn’t about your last day on earth with your goal list ticked off. It’s about ticking those goals off one by one, day by day, and gaining those little gems of lightbulb epiphanies along the way. And then it’s about making the wrong choices which ultimately lead you to the exact right place. It’s about making the right ones which take you places you never imagined ever heading. It’s about meeting people, connecting, worshiping something, finding a purpose, falling in love. And out of it. And in it again. It’s about losing hope and then finding a reason to allow hope to wrap it’s arms around you, once again. It’s about those days that you can’t believe are yours to call a memory. And the days you just want to forget.

Life is about living it. But living it on your own terms. The more you listen to the voices of those around you, the further you dance away from your soul. Because, the truth is, when people know better, they do better. People advise you from mistakes they’ve made, lessons they’ve learnt, situations they’ve found themselves in, and they aren’t always positive. So, don’t let the words of others change the navigation of your heart. Listen to your intuition. Respond to your own inner guidance system. Get to know yourself before allowing others to create changes for you. If you believe that positive thoughts are the key to a happy life, then think positive thoughts. If you feel liberated by posting a no make up selfie online, then girl allow that liberation to exist within you. If you wanna be rich, be rich. If you wanna be single, don’t let anyone tell you that you need a man to complete you. You’re whole on your own. If you want to be free, then flying fucking high! No one can live your life, but you, and the world is waiting for you to live it.

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