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If I said to you, you can choose one thing in the world and hold it in your grasp forevermore, which temptation would whisper in your ear? Pick me.

One thing I know for sure is that there are 7 billion co creators dancing their own type of dance in this world, and 7 billion of them are all gasping for the same kind of air. Some have given up; some don’t believe they are worthy of such a trophy; some understand the journey; some are patient; some are not; some have already tasted the purity of it, but seemed to have lost it’s touch; some are fully lost in the midst of it; some are lost in a different way; some have given theirs to someone else; some are stuck in the walls of resistance; some have never had it; some have never been without it; some wake up to it kissing them on the cheek every morning; some are good at pretending; some teach others how to hold it’s hand; some don’t fully understand the meaning of it; some understand it completely. What is it, that all 7.6 billion of us want, need, desire, stress over, love, wish for?

Happiness, of course.

So, if we all know what we want, why don’t we all have it? Why is it, that one in three people report of unhappiness right this second as you read my words? Why is it such difficult emotion to get hold of? Are we subconsciously addicted to the pain? And why, when we have it, are we so adamant that it’s not willing to stay with us for long?

Why the fuck can’t humans just be happy?

Allow me to take you on a journey through joy

When the vibration of all that is, created a manifestation of an Earth plain, where we could float inside the body of a dense individual and experience a life of love through a three dimensional set of eyes… this reality was not anticipated.

Imagine a different kind of dimension, where love triumphed over all. Every decision was made from a place in your heart, and every connection was created from a space of genuineness. Money wasn’t a symbol to decipher power. In fact, resources were shared so equally with inhabitants that money wasn’t even an object. Smiles spread from face to face; not a frown in sight. Love conquered all, and time never flew by because every second was spent in the present moment. I call this; Heaven on Earth.

But the reality we have is very different. People would rather be lonely and rich, not understanding the hole of darkness that shadows above loneliness. People would rather have the finest possessions than have a solid set of friends, but what is a convertible car with no-one in the passenger seat? People would rather choose power over people. But what is life without connection?

The reason that unhappiness prevails within this realm, is because people seek it in the wrong places. Happiness is not found under a gold plated steering wheel, and it’s not wedged between the walls of your nine bedroom house. Joy is not hiding under your ninety-seven foot patch of land, and it’s not laughing it’s way to the bank with you either. Laughter can’t be shared with a twenty-four carat watch, and it certainly doesn’t come from a fifty pound note. Peace is not lying with possession. Compassion is not found in currency.

So, why do so many people yearn for these things?


People seek materialism because they are convinced it brings them security. Security makes them feel safe. They think that once they are in possession of that perfect bank account figure and the shiny car to match, that they will be happy. Secure. Safe. Worry-less. But it is a false representation of what happiness truly is. Happiness is reachable, when you start looking in the right places. It’s not something you can buy from your corner shop. It’s something that you look within to find. And, how do you find it?

First thing is first: happiness is not a destination. It isn’t something that you seek through an eternity of inner voyage, and then you grasp it and hold on to it forever. Happiness is a journey. A journey through life; through experience; through connection and relationships; through self. It’s something that you can high five, cuddle, kiss on the cheek and sit beside on a rollercoaster, but also say goodbye to. Goodbye because, would joy really be worth it if it was all we ever felt? Would we be able to appreciate the high fives with elation if we never felt sad sometimes, too?

Contentment can filter into all of our days when we realise what it really means.

Happiness is; Your favourite meal piping hot after a long day at work. Morning sex. When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time. Looking into your lovers eyes and knowing what they are thinking. Dog walks. Bath time. Face masks with friends. Waking up two minutes before your alarm goes off… and choosing to go back to sleep. Sunshine through the curtains. When someone tells you they love you. Shopping. Cake. Alone time. Social time. Party time. Hitting a goal. Learning something new. Staying up late. Going to bed early. Clean sheets. The noise of the rain on the window. Animals. Nature. Having a hobby. Being in love. Understanding someone. When your dog jumps on you when you get home. New friends. When someone compliments you. Your morning coffee. Handing your notice in at work. Starting a new job. Doing a good dead. Smiling. Making another smile. Hugs. Experiences. Opportunity. Sunbathing on the beach. When someones laugh is funnier than the story. Flirting. Passion. Reading. Having an extra hour in bed. Swimming. Peace and quiet.

We tend to overlook these little things, because they are so easily accessible to us. The truth is; they are the most important things. They are exactly what life is all about, yet we don’t even acknowledge the existence of the small things because we are too focused on achieving unattainable results. We are too busy looking into the future and thinking about yesterday, that we forget to even taste our food. We are so busy scrolling through a machine of dead energy that we forget to engage in conversation with someones eyes. We are so busy trying to pretend, that we forget how lucky we are to be alive. Fucking hell. This unexplainable blob in the middle of a universe that could never really be measured through space and time, floating around and holding over 7 billion unique inhabitants with creatures of all different diversities sharing the globe. It’s unfathomable, and you have a place here. You are so lucky. You are the starring role in your very own film. What would a film be without the smallest details?

Stop overlooking, start appreciating.

Start small and rise high, beautiful.

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