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How to lose weight with your mind...

In this article, you could deem me to be contradictory to my own beliefs. This is because, the forefront of everything i preach is usually surrounded by body positivity, self love and appreciation of everything that you are as an individual. But, the fact of the matter is, weight, body image, exercise and dieting are a common issue that we all have to face. It's not just about the way you look, it's about the mental health problems that can come with disliking your image. Moreover, just because i am confident in my own skin, doesn't mean one positive conversation and my outside perspective is going to alter someone else into loving themselves too. It's so difficult to change your mindset when you are set in your ways; when your default emotion towards yourself is hatred; and when you have been conditioned to believe that you are not good enough in todays society. This is why you might think i am contradicting myself: because i am about to teach you how to lose weight and become the healthiest version of yourself by the use of your mind, and on the other hand, how to love yourself for exactly who you are, and the beautiful specimen that GOD created you to be.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but the majority of people today are unhappy about the way they look. Correct me if i'm wrong again, but the majority of people today are unhappy about the way they look due to the ongoing use of social media, the ever-growing amount of 'perfect' models who get paid to look absolutely gorgeous on your feed, and the scrolling through Instagram like it's the modern day newspaper, comparing yourself to the influencers, with simultaneous thoughts running through your head about how you will never be as pretty, rich, popular or as slim as them... The truth is, these are unrealistic expectations. I will happily admit that i am a culprit of downloading the airbrushing app and using it to the best of my ability. Have i used the 'acne' technique to rid spots from my face? Yes. Have i used the 'skin tone' feature to make myself look two shades darker? Absolutely. Have i smoothed over my face and whitened my teeth? You'd be silly to think that i didn't. (Well, i used to whiten my teeth, before i got composite veneers and went from a ten out of ten to a tenner out of ten.) But, i constantly post pictures and videos with no make up and no filter and confidently show the natural me, because i am not afraid of that. Instagram is the best of the best. The best picture out of the twenty two which were taken over a thirty minute period. The images showing the best memories. What people fail to remember is that others never necessarily show the negative times that happen in their lives. Do you? This is why i admire some celebrities, such as the likes of Vicky Pattison, Charlotte Dawson and Stacy Solomon... because they unapologetically show the raw and the real. So my piece of advice would be to follow more of the inspirational instagrammers, rather than allowing your feed to be consumed by the influencers that make you feel bad about yourself. Why would you consciously subject yourself to something that makes you think that you are not worthy?

How to fall in love with yourself...

So, before educating you on a very miraculous way to loose weight via the law of attraction, i am hoping that you might just learn to love yourself instead. I say this, because of course there is this idealistic image of how you crave to look, and you are so adamant to believe that once you look a certain way; once you lose the desired amount of weight; once you reach the figure in your bank account that you have been yearning for; once you are able to purchase your dream car; once all these things have been ticked off your life list, you will be happy... But happiness is a way of life. Happiness is a choice in which you have the ability to choose. Happiness is a decision you make on a daily basis. Happiness, although often mistaken, is not a destination! Do you know how difficult it can actually be to be completely, intensely, and passionately happy, and maintain that everyday emotion? You can whole-heartedly grab it, and allow it to slip through your fingers without effort. Unless, you work on imprinting the sensation into every iota of your being. People often mistake this journey, as they seek happiness in materialistic items, expensive objects, relationships and other people. Yet, do they ever really find it there? I can confidently inform you that the answer is no. The more you long to retrieve joy in things in the physical world, the more you are allowing your current thoughts to be devoured by your loss of happiness in the present moment, ultimately retracting it away in the opposite direction. Happiness is located within us. It is buried in the centre of our hearts, and it shines out in the midst of those life-changing experiences; them beautiful "you had to be there," moments filled with tears and laughter with our friends; That stunning, scenic sunset that you got to witness with your own two eyes; The times when you open your front door to your loyal little pet running towards you like you are the best companion that they could ever have; The email to congratulate you for getting the job; Them first few seconds when you step foot off the plane at your holiday destination and the wave of heat summons you square on in the face; When you say "i love you" for the first time; That first mouthful of that greasy take away with your best mates when you are hungover. Happiness is found in all of these moments... Don't forget to feel it and embrace the beauty of all that is. Challenge yourself to delve deeper into these instances, and grasp the joyous emotions with all of your power. You will be rewarded with even more happiness. So much of it, that you can't escape it. It is a magical place to be.

So, allow me to inform you about self love, and how to make yourself happy.

Simple, yet the hardest take to maintain: Self appreciation. But why? Why are we conditioned from such a young age to believe that loving yourself is deemed as big headed or unacceptable? When really, we walk this Earth alone. So why wouldn't we treat ourselves like number one? You will have heard me say this before because it is my most crucial piece of advice. Become your own best friend. Speak to yourself the way you would converse with your mates. Compliment yourself like you would compliment your pal. See the beauty in yourself like you see in others. Accept yourself. Focus on the things you love, and witness the things you dislike to slowly dismiss themselves. You wouldn't dare approach your friend and insult them, so why is your default mechanism to look in the mirror and call yourself ugly? Give yourself some respect! How could you possibly get angry at someone for insulting you, when you are the first person to pick out your own flaws? Try changing the adjectives you use to describe yourself, and then see how the world begins to describe you. When you ooze confidence, and you demonstrate an attitude where you are ok whether someone likes you or not, then you'll find people giving you an aspect of respect that you haven't been introduced to before. Enjoy it. Beauty is inside us all, but not everyone allows that light to shine. Beauty stems from the heart. Strive to be a good person and do small acts of kindness for others, and see how your light gets brighter. With each compliment you give out; with each smile you deliver; with each hug you provide. It's the smallest things that make the biggest difference, which is why i find it so baffling that more people don't put it into practice. If you start to see the beauty in the outside world, the nature and the people, then you will start to notice it in yourself, and your realise you have been blinded for so long.... Because you are beautiful. You hold the power to believe in yourself when you stop pressurising others to see it for you.

Losing weight with the law of attraction...

First of all, let me explain law of attraction for those who aren't extremely educated on the term. It is the law that like attracts like. Positivity breeds positivity. Negativity magnetises negativity. Whatever you focus on, you attract into your life. Many people fail to believe this because there isn't concrete, solid evidence (despite the fact that there are a numerous amount of success stories when following this magical way of life, thousands of celebrities are aware of this and continue to educate their fans and followers on the life changing subject, and your friendships and relationships around you are a clear indication of yourself as a person, as your vibe attracts your tribe.) Unlike the law of gravity for example. If you throw something in the air, it falls back down... There is your proof. What goes up, must come down. In addition to this... What goes in, must come out. (Law of attraction) However, the only proof you need to confirm that law of attraction is in fact real, is to look at yourself. What vibrational energy do you spread out into the universe? What do you focus on? Do you constantly and subconsciously complain about how many parking tickets you seem to get, and then watch yourself continuously receive parking tickets? Don't you see? Your worrisome vibrations regarding bills and money will only attract more bills coming through your letterbox, and less money. On the other hand, your positive thoughts, kind actions, selfless acts, and high frequency vibrations, you will magnetise the most beautiful situations, miraculous experiences, gorgeous friends and loving relationships. Which one appeals to you?

Now, you have to be overly open minded to be able to believe in this method and execute it in the most effective fashion. It is a miraculous technique, making it very hard to believe. But, with the right mind set and the most polished outlet of energy, you can really lose weight with your thought process. Of course, you need to be able to give out the correct, positive vibrational frequency in order to reap the most beneficial results. So, with an open mind at the ready... My two key words for this are faith, and patience. First of all, you must hold the faith that this is going to be a successful new chapter in your life. Secondly, you must be aware that this isn't an overnight procedure, and you have to be prepared to persevere when applying this to yourself. You need to change your outlook on yourself. It would be psychically impossible for this method to work, if you look in the mirror and dislike what you see. You need to swap your pessimistic and judgmental thoughts, for appreciative and loving ones. If you find it somewhat difficult to love yourself, then just imagine all the miracles that your body performs on a daily basis. Our bodies are strong, they are beautiful, they are flexible. Our legs can run, walk, take you wherever you desire to be. Our hands can cook, clap, wipe someones tears away. Our arms can hug someone to health, pick up your little baby, wave goodbye to a friend. We can dance, play, sprint, swim the length of the pacific ocean. Our abilities are endless. Focus on these limitless possibilities that your body can do. Focus on the beauties of your body, and see your "flaws" slowly washing away.

Lets talk about meditation and the benefits it can have for your weight loss journey. The state of meditation can differentiate so much depending on who you are and how much of a positive relationship you have with your mind. For me, guided meditation is the answer When in complete silence, it can be challenging to not allow your mind to drift off to an unconscious state more times than necessary. Therefore, listening to a calming voice to prompt your visualisation is the most effective way. You can find weight loss meditation videos online. Ensure you are in the most comfortable position for yourself. Whether it'd be lay down, sat up, legs crossed. Whatever fits you. Moreover, morning meditation is proved to be the most productive and successful due to the fact that you mind is at it's calmest, and it kick starts your day in the most joyous manner. The main thing i want to stress is that meditation is a working progress and the epitome of the phrase, "practice makes perfect." Switching your mind off is one of the most complex tasks to face when you are so consumed with everyday thoughts. Having said that, it's the effort you put in which will have the most positive effect on you moving forward, so even if you only manage five minutes of silence in the day, it's five more minutes than yesterday, so well done! Once you realise your mind has drifted off, just label it as a 'thought' and bring yourself back to a conscious state. Using a beginners guided meditation on losing weight will give you that positive kick start to train your brain, and ultimately correlate with the universe by rewarding you with positive, weight loss results. Whilst in the midst of meditation, use the visualisation technique to focus on your perfect body. Focus. Next, ensure that you practice affirmations every single day. I will give you a few examples of mantras in which you can recite every morning to help with your miraculous weight loss journey;

I am grateful for my body and all the magical things it does for me.

Loosing weight is an easy process in my life.

I look great and i feel great.

I love my body.

Remember, the key to a successful manifestation, is believe that you already have what you so desire. This being said; You must act in the present tense. You must converse with yourself in such a manner where your body believes that you are at your idealistic figure. You must us terms like, "I am" as opposed to "I will be." If you can master the feeling to match the thought, then you really have unlocked the code into losing weight with Your. Own. Thoughts!

I also recommend researching past success stories, using the law of attraction to lose weight. There are thousands of positive experiences using this method, and you will be able to pick up tips and tricks on how to get the best experience out of this!

Meditation. Affirmation. Gratitude. Mindfulness.

Losing weight is really about being in the identical vibrational frequency to the body that you idealise. It's about believing, and ultimately achieving. You cannot conquer this without faith, so keep the faith and enjoy what you see looking back in the mirror, and you will get there. Of course, you need to take action. But, with the incorrect mentality; a diet regime or an exercise routine will always fail you. All you need is an excitable vibration for the future, loving emotions and affirmations to yourself, and a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Thought. Feeling. Action. Good luck.

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