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How to manifest effectively...

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

"I love your page, your so inspiring. How do you successfully manifest the things you want in life? I've tried books such as the secret and the magic but i find them quite repetitive. Do you have any recommendations on books. Lots of love. Anon. "

Manifestation is a SKILL. You have to be so precise and execute it with just the right amount of passion, in order for your manifestation to work and come into fruition. Also, i must stress that you shouldn't begin to manifest things, until you are completely whole and on your highest vibrational frequency in life. Let me explain. We are all ENERGY. Our whole being on this Earth is made up of vibration. We radiate our own unique energy outlet and we are so much more complex than we perceive ourselves to be. Like attracts like. Whatever energy you give out into the world, you will magnetise that back into your existence. Depending on how you look at this, it can be the most daunting thing, or the most exciting thing that you've learnt today. The fact is; you can create your life however you want to. With the right tools, the correct mindset, and the most polished vibration, you alone have the ability to write the chapters out in your life, and live them!

I touch on the word daunting, because although this can be extremely positive and worthwhile, it can also be scary for someone who is living life on a low vibrational frequency. Do you see the glass as half empty? Are you a drainer? Do you instantly think of the negative outcome in all circumstances? If the answer is yes; you can probably relate to the fact that things go wrong in your life time and time again, and you find the same uncooperative problems recycling itself into your radius. Luckily, the brain can be trained and the mind can be altered, so that your default will be the opposite to a pessimistic one.

So, to manifest...

One of the most exciting prospects in life is that we always have GOD to lean on. I use this term lightly; as there are so many expressions we can use to explain what we mean. The universe; The divine; Omnipresent... For me, it just means: The source. The all seeing thing that is so complex for our brain to even begin to fathom. All i know is, the universe is here to help. Once you can maintain a positive lifestyle and learn to practise self love on a daily basis, thats when the universe will walk hand in hand with you and guide you on your most rewarding path. It takes time to get here, but it's possible and it's amazing!

Putting manifestation in to practice is, without a doubt, challenging but ever so gratifying. It's made up of three sections, which you have to make sure are pretty impeccable in order for the universe to supply you with your order. (It resembles placing an order at a restaurant.)


  1. Thought; This is the easy part. It's the initial thought that takes place in your mind, making yourself aware of what you actually want. It can be anything, from your dream house; a gorgeous car; your health; a new friend group; money in the bank. ANYTHING. Remember to make sure that your intention is a good one. Don't manifest things for the wrong reason. Ensure that your intent stems from a place of love and not from a place of fear, or hatred, or negativity, because the universe sees everything!

  2. Feeling; This part gets a little bit harder. You have to match the emotion to the thought. So feel exactly how you would feel if you were already in possession of the thing that you are desiring. For example; You are trying to manifest the win of a competition on the radio. The prize is £3,000 and a new car. How exactly would you feel if you just found out that you had won that!? Excited, overwhelmed.. Happiness would be beaming through you like a ray of light. You might even scream with exhilaration! So every time you think about winning the competition, allow them feelings of intensity and elation to run through your body. BUT, don't forget to let it go. If you are craving it so much, you are sending a message out into the universe that you want to win this competition. Therefore, the universe sees that you haven't already got it and it won't provide it. By needing your manifestation, you are doing the opposite to what you desire and retracting it away from you, because the secret to manifestation is acting like you already have it, so that the universe supplies it for you.

  3. Action; This is the trickiest part of the manifestation process, but also the part that ties it all together and makes it real. You need to show the universe some motivation; show the divine that you are making an effort! For example; you want to manifest a car. You cannot just sit in bed, smile and expect a range rover to roll onto your drive way. But, i understand, you don't have the money or the correct tools to provide 'action' on getting this dream car. So what other efforts can be made? Start by researching what car you want. (The more detail, the better) Go onto different websites and get a clear image of that car. Print out pictures of it, as if you have ordered it and you're waiting for it's arrival. Every time you look onto your empty drive way, smile, as i you have just glanced at your new car. These small, simple things make the world of a difference.

The three steps to manifestation are clear and concise, but actually activating these portals and connecting with the non physical to bring your desires into your fruition is the challenging part. That is why i suggest, working on your own independence and your own happiness before trying to delve into the mysteries of the universe. Take your time and be patient with yourself, because the wait is worth it!

Recommended books...

As a beginner, i do always recommend "The Secret," only because it is extremely easy to understand and it really covers all areas of the Law of attraction, and how to fit it into your lifestyle, and eventually allow it to BECOME your lifestyle.

I always recommend "The seat of the soul" Written by Gary Zukav. (An inspirational and knowledgable individual who helps to explain the universe and its teachings in a very down to Earth way) This book is a life changer. It usually comes into your life when you are ready to read it, but by reading this sentence i am assuming that your soul is ready to be open to it. It's a general book about how to really find yourself, and create a relationship with the non-physical world, in order for you to move higher in the ranks on this psychical plane.

I also recommend "Manifesting with the angels," as this book is so easy to read and understand, yet it's complex teachings will push you that step further in the spiritual life. I believe greatly in angels, they are around us all the time, guiding us and helping us through life. I've actually had more than one experiences with my guardian angel where we have communicated, and it's so heart warming to know that they are happy to help us in any way they can. (if you are open to letting them into your life) So this book will expand your knowledge on the non-pyshcial world, but also give you the hope you need to manifest your life.

Manifesting is a divine sport, and once you master it, and apply it to your routine for the right reasons, your life will really flourish. Happy manifesting!

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