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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Hello! My name is Beth Spiby, i'm 22 years of age and i'm from Manchester. Most importantly, i am here to help you on a spiritual path to abundance and internal happiness. This page can be used for any advice you have, questions that need answering, a little moral support or just someone to speak to when you're feeling down...

My path to spirituality began about 4 years ago. I began to educate myself on Law of attraction, (like attracts like. Whatever energy you give out into the world, you will magnetise the same energy into your circumference) and i began to manifest things that i wanted into my life. Sometimes subconsciously, without even realising it. My optimistic attitude attracted an amazing, comedic friend group; My strong drive for success and motivation attracted an easy, money-making and rewarding job into my life; My generous and giving personality attracted some wonderful experiences into my radius. I thought i had cracked the code on how to live my most pre-eminent lifestyle. Surely nothing could go wrong now?!

Well... I've always been an extremely positive individual: always seeing the best in even the most difficult situations; being a shoulder to cry on and genuinely striving to be a helping hand for people; BUT, (as everyone does more than once in this lifetime) I lost myself, and i slowly began to forget who i was and what i stand for. My positive thoughts turned into mainly negative ones as worry cast over me. I began to become concerned over my career. Being self-employed brings certain pressures of the unknown. Working in the sex industry can, most of the time, give you a large sense of freedom, self-worth and confidence, but also bring doubts for the future. "Are people going to subscribe to me next month?" "How can i keep my page interesting?" "What if all my fans leave?" I began to allow these doubts to shadow every single thought i was thinking, and as law of attraction says, law of attraction does and my subscribers began to decline, i was making less money and i wasn't enjoying myself any more. Then every single thought i had was filled with pessimistic connotations; and my cynical thought process magnetised negative situations into my life; and then i really felt like i was on a large spectrum of depression. I'd stay in bed all day; leave group chats with friends and loose contact with some of my best friends because i couldn't face the reality of telling them how i was feeling; I'd argue to the closest people to me; i lost my whole sense of worth. I no longer practiced my spirituality and i felt like i was on a downward spiral. But i didn't do anything to change it because i felt too lazy... I was so focused on the future that i forgot to live in the present moment, but living in the present moment is how we become the most connected to our higher self. This went on for a couple of months, and if my ex girlfriend didn't break up with me out of the blue, then there is still a part of me that believes i could still be in that same head space, but much worse, so THANK YOU. It was as if i just had an epiphany. I spent about a week grieving this break up when all of a sudden a thought came into my mind, (which i believe to be my guardian angel prompting me to be productive) and the sentence went a little like...

"This is a speckle upon a speckle of infinite opportunities that can happen to you in your lifetime."

I WAS SOLD. I stood up from my usual slump on the couch and went to join my friends to explain the sudden realisation that had entered my mind. From that moment forward, i worked on bettering myself. I aimed to be that person that everyone wanted to be around; i started to make people laugh again; (my comedic value is my favourite characteristic about myself) I started doing productive activities and enjoying my day to day life; i joined the path to spirituality again and aimed to spread my knowledge onto those who are unbeknown to the teachings of the universe; but most of all, i wanted to be a good person. I know now that with hard work and determination, i have achieved all of my goals, and i grow into an even more beautiful person every day.

This is where my website comes in. I have a lot of love to give, a lot of educational understanding about the universe to spread, and my shoulders are finally back in use to be cried on. So anything you might need, i am here to assist, and i look forward to watching you on your own spiritual path to happiness and self love. GOOD LUCK!

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