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If you learn to like something, you can learn to love it. If you learn to learn something, you can learn to learn some more. if you learn to teach something, people can learn to listen. So love, learn and listen to this…

Everyone has their own individual truth. It stems from the biggest part of your identity. The part that you label, ‘me.’ Whatever me thinks, me acts. If me is lazy, then me will go through life creating subconscious excuses because they have created a reality that means, me is lazy. If me is bad at directions, then me will always make at least one wrong turn during every journey. If me is positive, then everyone will want a little bit of that me. Everyone will always depend on that part of your ‘me’ to steal some light from. If me is funny, then me will always crack jokes. If me can’t tell the time, then me will always be late. If me hates life, then me will minute by minute, find things to hate. If me loves life, then me, second by second, will always find something to appreciate. Your me is whatever you have conditioned yourself to believe is me. But if me doesn’t like their hair, then me changes it. And i am here to let you know, that me can change their me, too.

The most magical part of your life, is that you are in control of it. You are the director of the most fun-filled and elongated play. You are the writer of the most beautiful, hand-written script. You are the master of the strings to your pretty little puppet. You are the creator of your destiny. So, lets pick up that pen and write something memorable. Lets write a story that is worth reading out loud. Lets create a play that people would pay millions to witness. Because, why not?

Why not make the most of your existence? Why not live a life full of joy, belly laughter, indescribable memories and love which can only stem from a pool full of purity. A pure heart with pure eyes. It is a choice after all. Every day we make choices. Which route to take to work. Which drink to get from the coffee shop. Which outfit to buy for the weekend. Which cuisine to eat for tea. We make choices every second. So, just like deciding whether to get an Earl grey tea or a vanilla lateè to accompany you in your morning commute to work, you can choose how you feel. You can choose to feel good. Sometimes, you can’t change the current circumstance in life. What you can change, is how you react to it. How you deal with it. How you look at it. This is a test of strength. A test of integrity. A test of life that aids you in your evolution. Your growth. So, grab that test of life, and pass with flying colours. Simply by devoting your day to choosing happiness.

I would like to take a moment to remind you of a couple of things; If you strip a layer from your one dimensional eyes, and look at this miraculous, strong and forgiving Mother Earth.. For every single grain of sand that skims the length and breadth of her, there is 10,000 stars in the sky. That’s 10,000 diamonds for every last microscopic grain; in 1819, the first ever Dinosaur fossil was discovered underground. So, just to reiterate, that is physical evidence that something the size of a six story building, ruled our Earth, with no disruptions, for 165 billion years, before a comet hit, forcing the ground of the Earth’s temperature to soar above the possibility for these indescribable creatures to continue their reign; There are 6,500 languages in the world. And that isn’t including the communication in which animals use to love each other, that isn’t including the language that giggling babies use to tell their mothers that they adore them, that isn’t including sign language, in which we can create body movements to one another to recite every single word and sound in the English dictionary, that isn’t including the language that you use with your eyes to imply how you feel; Dolphins have an extra part of their brain, which humans cannot quite comprehend, where they love one another much deeply and their compassion is much more heightened than ours; There is this contraption, created by man, which can actually defy the laws of gravity and fly up to 45,000 feet in the air, and take you from one side of the Pacific ocean to the other, and it’s called an aeroplane; For you to be alive, two people, perfectly synchronised, had to be in the right place, at the right time, and have the right little bit of chemistry, to be able to create such an incredible human being, that is yourself.. Who’s heart beats to create breath and keep you alive. Who’s brain and legs work together to create movement and allow you to explore this mystical realm. Who’s mouth muscle can move to smile at someone, and just like that… You’ve made their day. Who’s stomach can digest the food, after your tongue has just tasted every last mouthful of all the various flavours. I can sense you wondering what the relevance of my words are… Do you notice a common theme with all these things. All these components that fill up Mother Earth, that we allow to flow by unnoticed on a daily basis, and take for complete granted? They are all miracles. Alter your outlook just for a minute. Alter your me. And see these things for exactly what they are. Miracles. There are 8.7 billion different species of incomprehensible species within the circumference of this Earth. There are 7.5 billion people sifting through life, no one the same. No one like you. The entirety of your existence is a miracle. Start acting like a miracle. Start living your truth. Everyone has a path in life. A passion. A destiny. A truth. But the majority of the human kind don’t allow themselves to find theirs. They are happy to walk through life, with their head down, surviving, making it to the end of the week. Making it to the end of their life. No trace. No story to tell. Is this you? Why? People do this due to lack of self-belief. Lack of faith. Lack of hope. So, if i was to prompt you to do one thing today, it’s to go back to your toddler mentality. Before the negative world sucked you in, and conditioned you to believe that you weren’t good enough. Conditioned you to believe that money and materialism make you happy. Conditioned you to believe that your dreams will never come true. Conditioned you to believe that miracles can’t happen. Because miracles can happen. They are happening around you every single day. But your ego is allowing you to miss it. Money doesn’t create happiness, it stems from within. You have always had it somewhere deep inside you, glazed over in darkness and covered in fear. But it’s there, isn’t it? Dreams can come true. You are good enough. Take yourself back to your toddler times. The layers hadn’t been pulled over your eyes by outsiders just yet. Colours were vibrant. Objects were magical. You looked at the world in disbelief, through the eyes of love. You were honest. You were you. Because being you was all you knew. And being you was enough. Without the draining world making you believe that you have to dim your light to fit in. That you had to dumb down your unique personality so you didn’t stand out from the crowd. Be a toddler. Sing in the rain. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud. Skip down the street. Express yourself. Be you again. Don’t lose yourself, for the sake of others. Don’t turn your inner torch off, to please anybody. Be You. You are beautiful. Because you are you. And isn’t that enough?

I hope this short and sweet blog has aided you in a positive direction today. Either a realisation or a reassurance. A realisation that you are nothing but wonderful, and life is a blessing, to say the least. Or a reassurance, that you are living life right. You aren’t wasting your days by trying to be like everybody else, because you already know the power that you hold within. And you are already being…. You.

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