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Money worries...

Hi Beth, I’ve been following you for a while and love your way of thinking so I wanted to ask you for some advice about money worries. I’m constantly worried about money and never having enough for the lifestyle I live/want to live. I want to be able to do the things I like without the stress of not being able to afford it. Is there anything I’m doing wrong because I always feel unfulfilled when it comes to my finances?
The most important factor i have to stress about this is that you can't.. and i mean absolutely canNOT seek happiness in materialistic items. This takes you so far away from the human experience.. What i mean is: You will be so disconnected from your higher self, because you are depending on the psychical world to keep you happy and maintain your ranking on Earth. But what you will find is, and what i ALWAYS preach is, happiness comes from within, and you need to locate it fully before you can appreciate what it really means to own these materialistic items. If you make the mistake of believing money is the solution to all your problems then you could be disregarded by the universe when it comes to actually making it, because you are seeking it for the wrong reasons. INTENTION: In every single decision that you make in life, every single thing you partake in, there is always an INTENT to begin with. And if you really take your emotions to the root, we have: Negative emotions: Fear, jealousy, pain, grief, anger, aggression. Positive emotions: Happiness, joy, gratitude, serenity, pride, peace, exhilaration. SO many emotions, SO many descriptions, yet only really TWO. Two juxtaposed feelings. Two opposing emotions. Only two... Fear and love. So every decision stems from an intention. If the intent is fear, (for example, you seek a quick way to gain money because you are fearful of being in debt) then the outcome you magnetise into your life will be negative, and you will probably retract money away from you and obstruct it from coming into your life because you have pessimistic connotations revolving around the idea of money. If the intent is love, then you will attract the most beneficial outcome for yourself. So, lets talk about worries, and what worrying actually does for you. Worrying takes you away from the present moment. Whether you are worrying about the future, or regretful of the past, you are allowing emotions to devour your presence and take you away from your current state. Furthermore, it's nothing more than a pointless task... We worry about something because we distinguish it as a threat to our existence, but not only does this cause a major spectrum of psychical issues, such as fatigue and insomnia, it actually really affects your vibrational frequency, and as your frequency decreases, so does your physical reality because the things that you are thinking of, which in this case is money, will have negative implications overshadowing it, and surely by now, you know part law of attraction will play in this! So, I'm slightly apprehensive to say this, but the main part of your problem is to do with your mindset, therefore, the only solution here is to change your thought process. The best thing about changing your thought process is not only does your mind correlate with you and become more positive, you also inevitably become a better person, because YOU made a conscious effort to teach yourself how to be one. It takes a strong person to do that. If you need advice on how to make money fast... Well i'm sure google could give you one million and twenty two answers. But, if you need advice on how to aim towards obtaining money, and ensuring you remain in possession of that money, and becoming the best, most refined version of yourself in the mean time, then listen to ME. The universe cannot give you something you do not deserve. Now ask yourself... Do i deserve to be in possession of this amount of money? Do i really deserve what i am asking for? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track, and you deserve so much praise due to the fact that you understand that you are worth something. If the answer is no, then the first thing on your spiritual to do list is to become a better person.. become someone who deserves it. Altering your thoughts can be a treacherous task, especially for those who's default emotion and thought process stems from negativity due to hardships they have gone through in their lifetime. But, it is doable for everyone willing to put the effort in, and consciously making that ultimate decision that you are ready to change and grow as an individual is the first and arguably the biggest step in the most positive direction. Examples...'I really can't be arsed going to work today to a job i hate' (with the feeling of sadness and defeat because it is something that you HAVE to do)Observe the fact that you have had this thought, and then follow it with a new one.'I am grateful to have a job to go to today, and i am so excited to begin my next career which i love' (with the feelings of excitement and contentment) 'I have no money to do anything that i want, i really need to make some money' (with feelings relating to doubt, fear and panic at your loss of money)Observe the fact that you have had this thought, and then follow it with a new one.'I am so excited for my next pay check, this is what i'm going to spend all my money on..... (with the feeling of joy, exhilaration and relief) Practising similar techniques like the above can have a huge effect on the way you begin to see not only the outside world, but your reflection in the mirror. Remember, it won't just happen in a day. You need to put the work in and in this instance, patience is key! If you get impatient, your subconscious will begin to breed feelings of doubt, ultimately obstructing yourself from your desired manifestation. When manifesting money, make sure you make it clear to the universe what the money is for, make your intentions known, and free yourself from uncertainty. You already have the money. If you are desperate for cash, you are blocking the flow of abundance coming in your direction. When you understand that happiness and joy come from within, and materialistic things; a boyfriend/ a girlfriend; a home; a large sum of money in the bank, etc..They should ADD to your happiness, not BE your happiness and not SUBTRACT from it. You should be independently happy, and everything around you is just a bonus to your already wonderful being. So, once you crack the code to self appreciation; you start to enjoy your own company; become your own best friend and love yourself for the unique individual that you are, then your vibration will naturally increase, and as your vibrations rises you can manifest things easier and more sufficiently. So, i guess what i'm saying is, if you really search for the core of each of my answers, they always come down to the same thing... Work on your relationship with yourself and aim to be a good person, then you'll be able to shape your life out in any way you desire... - And don't forgot to clear out your wallet, so you have space for all that money...
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