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'Should i?' Karma....

Hello. First off I am a huge admirer of you and your work, over the last 10 months my wife has become quite dependent on alcohol, this has had a huge impact on our lives around our family and friends, she will not see that it is killing our happy family and creating a divide between us, our once very active sex life has now become something of a memory, I am still physically attracted to her but I struggle when she’s been drinking, I am thinking that I might even have to look elsewhere because I have a real need for physical contact, any advice would be appreciated

I feel like i have a lot to say about this. There are so many elements of spirituality and its teachings that i can bring into this answer and be able to expand your knowledge on how to progress in this situation, whilst summoning the best possible outcome upon you. Life isn't easy, and most of the time we find ourselves carrying the weights of baggage that isn't even our own. In this case, your wife is going through a negative time in her life, but from a spiritual perspective, she is going through a learning curve, and that lesson is also being reflected on to you. BUT, it's not the hardships in life that shape us or define us, it's the way we react and deal with the situation. Therefore, i am going to teach you what to do and how to deal with the scenario at hand, and if you intellectually listen to my advice, then the end result will be the most positive, and this can be just a distant memory which taught you how to be stronger as a couple, and appreciate each other on a deeper and more meaningful level. This particular situation can actually mould you into a better person, if you choose to help your wife rather than view her as a hindrance, and you follow the path correlated to love, then you will reap the benefits of this circumstance and come out of the other side with not only a more optimistic perspective, but a completely contrasting relationship. So, swiftly before i continue... DO NOT look elsewhere for the fulfilment of your sexual fantasies. JUST DON'T. This will have a pessimistic effect on your own individual karma. It's simple to categorise right from wrong, and you don't have to be smart to recognise that cheating on someone, is utterly the erroneous choice to make. Those moments of pleasure can have a real negative knock on your future because the original intent stems from fear. A sense of loss because you feel like you have lost the woman you married through the consumption of alcohol and a sense of betrayal because your wife has chosen a temporary fixture from alcohol rather than putting you first. Moreover, emotions with connotations of anger and upset are elements which add to the choice you could make about seeking outside of your relationship to satisfy your needs. Therefore, making a decision with these feelings subconsciously running through you, will only magnetise negative karma into your radius.

This is a good way for me to delve into one of the biggest life lessons that each individual has to learn on this Earth school, and that is: Karma. A word we can distinguish and a phrase we understand from a very early age. Karma is a spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Throughout reading this, i want you to look at yourself, your own moral compass and your own intentions when making most decisions in life. Reflect my words onto your existence and determine what kind of karma you recieve, and decide whether you want make an active effort to positively change your current positioning. If your intent often stems from love, and you make decisions from a good place, then you will magnetise a positive outcome onto yourself. If you have negative intentions and the movements you make come from a bad place, then bad karma will be reflected upon you. It usually has negative connotations surrounding it because it is always brought up when someone predicts that something bad is going to occur, but actually karma works equally both ways. I am about to educate you on the whole spectrum of karma, but it is a lot to understand if your journey to the understanding of the universe has only just begun, consequently some of you may not believe it, but as long as you are open minded to learning about beliefs other than your own, then that is more than i could ask.

Karma comes into our lives after every decision we make, but in some instances in our lifetime, we are battling with karma that has occurred in our past lives. If you are lost already, allow me to explain that we are on an Earth school; we are here to learn lessons that our souls are yet to understand. We, as individuals might need to learn the lesson of love or loss because our souls have chosen to be educated on this particular topic. Although we don't have to go through pain to learn joy, and we don't have to go through the negative situation to learn the positive lessons... The majority of the human kind tend to commit to learning the hard way. (Mainly because they are unaware of the non psychical realm and they choose to go through life under false pretences that they are alone, which we all know is not true!) So, many of us are actually unaware that these mishaps are coming into our circumference in order for us to gain spiritual growth, so they tend to ignore the lesson that is buried within, and just feel sorry for themselves, and moving forward they just have a negative outlook on most occurrences in life, ultimately attracting similar situations into their lives over and over again because they are allowing negative emotions to subconsciously brew within them. When this happens, the soul isn't learning the lessons it needs to, so when your time on this Earth is over, and you move on to the afterlife into a more conscious state of being, that is when your soul will send another part of your personality in a different life form onto the Earth in the hopes that it will be successful in learning the lesson. I would like to inform you that you're body doesn't have a soul, in fact your soul has a body. You are a personality of your soul, and you are not your full existence. You are only a minor part of a much more complex entity that you can even begin to fathom, but your soul has given you this opportunity to live a life on the highest vibrational frequency possible, so now is the time to raise your awareness and begin your path to success. (Your soul wants you to be CONSCIOUS and PRESENT in life and ultimately wants the happiest outcome for you, but you have to work together in order to achieve this. You have to become aware of your universal surroundings and open up to communicating with the world that you cannot see.) I understand this information can be quite overwhelming, and if you don't grasp the concept of it immediately, then that is ok, just be persistent with your education and patient with your personal journey and you will inevitably succeed. In accordance to karma sifting through from our past life, it fundamentally means that we failed to grasp the particular lesson that our soul requires, so we are sent to attempt to eventually learn it.

Example: If you killed someone in your past life, your soul has given you crucial responsilbity to learn how it feels to have your life taken away from you too soon. Correspondingly, if you had your life taken away from you by another individual in your previous life, you have the opportunity to see how it feels to be in a position of power and able to take someone else's life away. If you choose to do so, then in a vicious cycle of events, you will be summoned to learn that karmic lesson in your next life, but if you make the correct decision and not be tempted by this, then you will heavily improve your personal ranking and move even closer to your higher self and the highest vibration possible. I tend to try and steer away from my upmost spiritual beliefs about the universe, the angels and the divine, because i understand that i can be quite out of reach for the less metaphysical person, but i can assure you, what i'm saying is completely legitimate.

I suppose what I'm saying is: Karma should not be taken lightly. Try and make every single decision from a positive, joyous and loving perspective, and you'll never have to deal with the consequences. Your fate really is up to YOU.

Let's go back to the root of the problem and allow me to educate you on how to move forward on a positive route and ensure that you don't allow yours and your partners life to become stagnant. This issue doesn't have to be ignored and labelled as "the norm." Changes can be made and progression can occur if you are willing to put a determined effort into it, and alter your destiny into the upmost positive orchestration!

First things first, your wife has to accept and admit that she has a problem. Usually, people seek alcohol to momentarily forget the troubles they are facing in day to day life, and they use it as a substitute to provide short-term relief for issues that are arising within themselves. But, alcohol is a depressant. Yes, there are temporary perks that alcohol can present you with. For both moderate drinkers, and alcoholics, the effects can be similar. Alcohol can provide stress relief but what you will inevitably find is that as the issue regarding alcohol worsens, so does the stress they were actually seeking to avoid. Lets face it... Alcohol can make you feel good; it can help you forget the stresses of every day life; it can make you feel more confident and embody a different person for one evening. It does have it perks, that is obvious, but these will soon become unreachable if you become dependant on alcohol. The first thing that someone who finds themselves stuck in this situation has to do, in this case your wife, is to admit they have a problem to begin with. Admitting it is becoming aware, and becoming aware means that you are conscious to the fact that a change needs to occur and this pattern needs to come to a stop. Therefore, the first move you should make is to have a conversation with your wife. Just a gentle, loving conversation with her. Inform her of your thoughts and feelings and let her know that you are willing to assist her in any way she may need to move forward TOGETHER. Be patient. It takes an extremely strong willed person to openly admit that they have an issue, so it might not happen in the first instance, but as long as you aim to be the most caring person you can be in this conversation then a positive outcome is ineluctable. Alert your partner of your problems and notify where your issue lies. You can actively work as a team to both become better people together. Furthermore, there is no shame in seeking help! Some things are too daunting to work out on your own. Luckily, there are lots of people and lots of services whom are willing to assist you, so be assisted.

My main piece of advice is not to give up when things seem too tough. If you demonstrate to the universe that you have the strength it takes to move forward from this situation, then i assure you, the divine will reward you for your efforts. It is clear to me that you see a future with your wife, otherwise you would have ended it already. Therefore, put the EFFORT in. Do some much needed WORK. And you will both come out the other end. Communication is key. You can do this, and once you have, you will appreciate your happy family life so much more.

I mustn't forget to remind you to always express gratitude for the things that you cherish in your relationship. The more you focus on the special parts of the relationship you share together, the more they will flourish. Every relationship has its flaws, but something we need to remember is that love is supposed to be easy. It's supposed to add joy and happiness to your already amazing life. Be thankful for your gorgeous wife, and TELL HER!

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