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The universe....

I am eager to educate and explain to you exactly how i believe this spherical Earth keeps on spinning; how the universe works in correlation with the human kind and exactly how this gorgeous globe came to be.

My mind is extremely complex and after years of research, books, Youtube clips, real life spiritual sagas and gaining lawful and genuine knowledge, i am legitimately convinced that my way (and millions of other peoples way) of thinking is nothing but ethical and honest. This doesn't mean that you have to believe this intricate way of thinking, but an open mind and a non judgemental attitude is appreciated. I am hoping to touch on every single aspect of my beliefs: From the in-depth teachings of the universe; to how to improve your own mindset and ultimately every spectrum of your lifestyle; to the presence of the non physical realm and the underlying attendance of our angels AND the overpowering source that is often referred to as GOD.

Law of attraction...

Simple definition: The belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences and negative thoughts are magnets for negative life experiences.

Whatever you focus on, you will attract into your life. It's that simple, yet so complex for the brain to fathom because it seems so miraculous. People tend to turn their noses up at the concept of law of attraction because it's seems so out of reach. The idea of being able to shape your own path by the creation of your thoughts seems too good to be true. Who has that kind of power? But the thing is... Everybody does. Everybody holds that kind of power, because we are all equal energy outlets and we are all equally powerful. It seems much more bizarre to me that people don't believe in miracles when we are living on the most remarkable and magical Earth i have ever seen. In a cycle of just 365 days, we experience four stunning seasons of vibrancy and colour. In our first year of life alone we encounter an indescribable amount of emotion from joy to fear and from happiness to sadness. In a lifetime, we are involved in extreme amounts of laughter, we experience tears and heartache. We fall in and out of love. Our eyes are magnetised to the most beautiful earthly sites. We are privileged to be able to travel from one destination to the next, 40,000 feet in the air. Do you know how phenomenal the sky and the clouds look from 40,000 feet in the air? We get to experience connections and beautiful friendships with like minded people, and animals! All these things that we have the opportunity to experience, and you don't believe in miracles? All these things that we have the opportunity to experience, and you don't believe you can create your own fate? Shape your own destiny?

I first became aware on the law of attraction when i was doing a season, selling shots in Magaluf four years ago. There was a girl i came into contact with who would constantly talk about the fact that she would always find money lying around. No matter where she was, or who she was with, she would locate at least 30 euros of notes a day just floating around the Spanish Island. It didn't take a lot for me to truly understand that the sole reason she kept finding money everywhere, is because she believed she would find it. She would also preach about how although she was totally in love with being alive, she was also excited to experience the after life. I found this slightly more difficult to understand but as an open minded individual, i was keen to listen and learn from this obvious wise soul. I was then able to connect the dots in my life and realise that i had been constantly, yet unknowingly manifesting and attracting my personal desires into my life already. Moving forward, i made a conscious effort to start observing my thoughts and get a clear idea of my highest hopes and dreams, which assisted me when it came to consciously manifesting what i wanted. Four years on, holding the knowledge that i have now, i have been able to manifest an abundant life for my self: whether it was my flexible career which offers me copius amounts of freedom; the adventures and once in a life time experiences i was lucky enough to be a part of; or the money that i am so thankful to have accumulated in my bank account; or even my friendship group who all miraculously vibrate on the exact same unique wavelength. i KNOW that i manifested it all because i already believed i had it and my positive attitude towards life also helped everything come into my fruition. Thats the key to the happiest and healthiest lifestyle: positivity. With the right mental attitude, the upmost polished moral compass and the purest of hearts, you can achieve anything.


Simple definition: Thinking or speaking something into existence.

Whether you believe it or not, your life is a constant manifestation. The vibration that you live your life on attracts experiences, opportunities and feelings on that same vibration. Whatever you want, you can have and you can maintain, with the correct mindset.


When conversing about souls, i tend to get overwhelmed and i feel genuinely emotive on so many levels because it is such an incredible topic. My knowledge about souls is quite complex, and although it may seem overwhelming, it is correct and it is miraculously amazing! I remember watching a clip about a year ago and it was Oprah Winfrey interviewing a spiritualist called Gary Zukav where he explains souls and the video really resonated with me. It helped me understand the concept of them in a really meaningful way. In fact, i remember getting emotional because it was liked all the dots had finally been connected and i finally came to terms with what life was really about! He explained souls in terms of ships. Your soul is the mothership and your meaning is your inner compass. And here i am getting emotional as i'm typing this. It's such a beautiful analogy. The way i interpret it, is that your soul is the mothership of the sea, and as it floats, it is fully aware of where it is going. You are a smaller ship which begins to follow the mothership (soul) even before birth, and there are several other smaller ships following the mothership. These are the different personalities of the soul. You are you, but you are just ONE personality of your very magical soul. You don't necessarily know where you are going, so sometimes you might loose the motherships lead. When you have lost contact with the mothership, you are living life on a very low vibration. You feel anxious constantly, you are unhappy and you generally have negative circumstances come into your life. When you are connected to the mothership, and you are on the right path in life, you can feel it. Life makes you feel excited every single day, you feel content and happy on a daily basis, you feel alive. This is when you are living your purpose, and you can feel it. You are following your mothership. You are connected to your soul. I believe that my purpose is to be a lightworker; to spread joy and knowledge about the universe and it's teachings to as many people as possible. That is why my path in life has lead me to having this platform where i can spread a positive light on people. Thats how i know i am on the right path. I can feel it. One of the most prominent rules of law or attraction is: If you know about it, share what you know. It should not be kept to yourself because it is too important and too miraculous to be hidden from people when it has the power to change lives. If every single person knew about it, then the world would be a better place. Cliche i know.. But, the law of attraction makes people the best version of themselves, because we are fully aware that whatever we give out, we attract, so we strive to be the best people we can be; we do good things for people; we spread positivity, and what world filled with that much joy wouldn't be a beautiful place to call home?

Gary Zukav's official analogy of the Soul:

“Every fleet of ships that sails has a mothership; one ship that knows where all of them are going and sets the direction for all of those ships to sail. This doesn’t mean that the mothership determines what happens on each of the other ships in the fleet. Life on one of the ships might be mostly pleasant. On yet another ship, it might be mostly unpleasant. Now imagine the mothership is the biggest ship you can imagine, it’s a city afloat, magnificent. Now imagine that the rest of the ships aren’t really ships, but they’re little boats. The mothership is your soul and you are one of the little boats. The mothership knows why you are in the water. You may not know all of the time. The mothership knows why you encounter storms. Your job, while you have the awesome privilege of being a little boat, is to learn how to learn how to sail in the same direction as your mothership. Because you can choose and create anything you want, you can sail in the opposite direction, if you want. That is a sure way to find rough water. But as you sail in the direction that your mothership wants to sail; your life fills with meaning, and purpose, and love. You are excited about being alive. You are excited about the people that you’re with and what you are doing. Meaning is your inner compass that always aligns itself with the direction that your mothership wants to go. As you follow your inner sense of meaning, you are sailing in the same direction your mothership wants to sail.”

The present moment...

The power of now is extremely important. All this means, is living in the present moment. The actual moment. As each second in time ticks by, you are aware. You are awake. You are conscious. You are aware that you are aware. You are aware that you are awake. You are consciously conscious. Being in the present moment can prove to be very difficult because your mind is constantly on the move. Notice how during most daily activities that you partake in; you don't actually recall doing. You spend 30 minutes driving in your car and then you arrive at your destination and you don't remember even getting there. You have a shower, the most intimate time of the day, and as you are drying yourself, you don't even recall cleansing your body. You brush your teeth, and your brain is chattering away with itself that much that you don't even remember how the bristles felt in your mouth. All these hours in the day flashing before your very eyes because you don't remember doing it. That's because your mind is always in another place: The past or the future. Whether you are thinking about what cuisine you are going to be consuming for tea in seven hours time; how many hours of sleep you are going to get tonight; that conversation you had with your friend before bed yesterday evening or you are dwelling on something slightly more deeper that happened prior to this moment; you are always thinking. Coincidentally, these occurrences that you are allowing to devour your mind are usually negative. You are regretting the past and wishing you could go back and alter it, imagining how different your current state would be if you did that one thing a little differently. You are worried for the future, anxiously thinking about that next bill you have to pay... So, i am going to reiterate this for the millionth time, and i will never stop saying it. What you think about, you attract. You are scared for the future and worried about money, but the only thing this is going to do is bring situations into your life where you are simultaneously struggling for money. You are dwelling on the past with connotations of fear, unworthiness and doubt because your boyfriend cheated on you and you no longer feel good enough, but all this is going to do is attract another partner into your life whom will hurt you. The only solution for this is to live in the present moment and understand that 'what will be will be.' Once you have a mindset that provides the least amount of pressure as possible to you, then your existence shall flourish. Whatever happens happens. What will be, will be. Once you put your trust into the universe, and understand that no matter what happens, you will be alive and kicking at the end of it... Then only positive things can enter your radius, and a stress free life will reign.

Take a minute to place yourself in connection with your higher self. Just stop thinking. Embrace the blank space. Listen. Feel. Relax. Enjoy. Just enjoy the nothingness for a moment. Your soul will appreciate your efforts. Manifestation will become easier. You will become whole. Notice how when you ask yourself, 'what is my next thought going to be?' There is a blank space. When you think about what you're thinking about, then you don't think! So, ask yourself what is your next thought going to be and relish in that little blank space. Just don't think. When a thought comes into your circumference, then observe it, label it as a thought and move onto that next patch of blank space. Continue this pattern, as repetitive as it may seem as first, until your brain has finally taken a pause. Embrace.

What this does, is it places you in the seat of the soul. You are an observer of yourself and you are onlooking you. The seat is peaceful, serene and content. The seat is the most gratifying place one can sit. The seat is powerful. You are connected to your higher self. The more you embrace the space, and place yourself in the seat, the more you will feel the connection. You will feel the vibrations rushing within you. You can sense the energy pulsating inside. This is the seat. Sit on it.


From my perspective, emotions are just a large spectrum of words in which have been made up to describe how one is feeling. The prerogative phrase being; made up. Because emotions such as: hurt, upset, angry, fearful, doubtful, scared, worried... all feel exactly the same. With slight alterations here and there, depending on the level of anger you are feeling, or how heightened your emotions really are, that dipping feeling in your heart is all just the same. In concurrence, positive emotions all feel very much the same. Of course, there are different volumes of happiness and contentment, but it's that same buzz of emotion either way. This knowledge, along with the reading of a substantial amount of books, has brought me to the conclusion that there are only two real emotions and two real intentions. Fear and love. Furthermore, every single decision you make in life will have a consequence, because it stems for an intention. Fear or love. My advice would be that every single time you make a decision, assess the reason why. If it is a decision in which originates from love, then you will magnetise positive situations, and loving scenarios into your life. Likewise, if your decision originates from fear, then that is what you will attract. Always make the right decision. Be a good person.

There are seven laws of spiritual success:

(You can read them more in depth in the book but i will label them below)

- The law of pure potentiality.

- The law of giving.

- The law of karma/ cause and effect.

- The law of least effort.

- The law of intention and desire.

- The law of detachment.

- The law of purpose in life.

If you can master these seven laws, you can master life, success and abundance.

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